Hi, I’m Claire. 

Described by loved ones as rough and tumble yet, somehow, utterly wholesome. I’m super athletic, genuine as hell and actually down to earth.

I live my best life, thrive, and am a dependable friend, all at once. I train martial arts and love to run. I’m remarkably located between tomboy and ultra feminine. I recently enrolled in the Academy of Early Thirties and I am loving it! I want to see all corners of the earth, taste every cuisine.

Claire Gold is not separate from the real me. She is the most daring and indulgent part of me. When I’m rolling around in one-trillion thread count linens or gasping at the buttery tenderness of a porterhouse cut, that’s me, that’s Claire Gold.

This is no Julia Roberts role and I am not a novice. I have always been my own boss and, frankly, I’m unstoppable. Achieving what most people of my generation dream of—the recipe for success—a balanced life filled with unforgettable travel and much desired leisure time to explore my passions.

In this life I meet weird and genius and startlingly gorgeous entrepreneurs. I adore nerds, creative types and rebels alike.

Fashion is fun and comes naturally to me. Gold baroque patterns and trademarked red lacquer bottoms are playfully audacious. But if all the boutiques shutter tomorrow and I must survive without clothes or accessories, I think I’ll be okay. I know this from spending much of my life perfectly content while naked. Maybe you like a woman in Pradas and fine satin lingerie. Maybe jeans and a t-shirt really get you going.

I love cities. My favorite is a standoff between Marseille and Seattle. Find me awing and instagramming in historic red light districts where I can bask in the imperfect union of brick and cobblestone. My girlfriends and I kick up our feet over cocktails after a full day of museum-going.

What else? I cook vegetarian at home but am a ravenous omnivore at the right restaurant. English and Español. Baby animals make me squeal. Sometimes dancing, almost always smiling. I prefer humid to dry climates. Science fiction and investigative journalism. God, I need a massage. Not afraid of an NDA.