Hi, I’m Claire Gold. 

Described by loved ones as rough and tumble yet, somehow, utterly wholesome. I am super athletic, genuine as hell and actually down to earth.

A true Bay Area girl, you will find me tattooed and full of adventure. When not traveling, catch me running around Lake Merritt, hiking about Point Reyes or going hard on the heavy bag at my gym. While my positive energy and self-awareness are the first things you will notice, my sweet and sensual nature is restless and simmering, discoverable just under the surface.

Connections are key! You will hear all about my beloved girlfriends, my girl gang. On my search for others who embrace my authentic self, I maintain that punctuality is totally underrated. I live my best life, thrive, and am a dependable friend all at once.

I have recently enrolled in the Academy of Early Thirties and I am loving it! I have always been my own boss and, frankly, my aspirations know no limits. I am resolute in my ambition to someday soon buy my own home and set upon achieving what most people of my generation dream of—the recipe for success—a balanced life full of unforgettable travel and much desired leisure time to explore my passions.

It is this life that has brought me to the company of unique, genius and startlingly gorgeous entrepreneurs. I adore nerds, creative types and rebels alike. 

Fashion is fun and comes naturally to me. I find gold baroque patterns and trademarked red lacquer bottoms to be playfully audacious. But I could do without material things. I know this from spending much of my life perfectly content while naked. Maybe you like a woman in Pradas and fine satin lingerie. Maybe jeans and a t-shirt really get you going.

Of course, I love to travel! Boutique hotels, hidden gem restaurants, and priceless views are all on the itinerary. I will seek out awe-inspiring historic red light districts, comedy clubs and nightlife where I can bask in the imperfect union of brick and cobblestone, history and modernity. Picture us kicking up our feet over cocktails after a full day of museum-going.

What else? I cook vegetarian at home but am a ravenous omnivore at the right restaurant. Sometimes dancing, almost always smiling. Science fiction and investigative journalism. God, I need a massage. Not afraid of an NDA.

Notable Traits:

  • Drop-dead-gorgeous (before the photoshop).
  • Skilled martial artist, which means I’m super toned and elastic but I promise not to kick your ass (unless you ask for it).
  • Kind of a coffee snob but I’ll eat almost anything.
  • I’m not actually a model which, I think, makes my pictures extra impressive.
  • Adorable and silly (until I spill something[?]).
  • No longer in my twenties and I don’t wax *everything.* So you can count on an actual adult date.

Things I like

Sweet Somethings

Mountain Rose Herbs
Origins Skincare
+ of course, anything from my Amazon Wishlist.

Dress: 2-4, small
Pant: 27
Bra: 32 D
Panty: small
Shoe: 8, 38

Spirits & Hooch
Rosé, aromatic Gins, Mezcal or tasty herbal liqueurs.

Q & A

Why the blurred face and tattoos?

As you may relate, discretion and security are crucial components of our impending connection. My face and tattoos have been edited out of my pictures to preserve my anonymity. Although many of my family and friends support my life path, I am not “out” to the public. Please enjoy my pictures assured that my tattoos are certifiably badass, and my elegant bone structure frequently likened to classic Hollywood icons such as Jean Simmons and Rita Hayworth.

Even then, how do I know your pictures are real?

You don’t! You’ll have to see for yourself. That, and I’m verified on a few advertising sites. I’m often told, “You’re much more beautiful in person!” Which I certainly hope is true because who wants a woman with a pixelated face meeting him at the hotel lobby bar?

Do you see women?

Yes, absolutely. On the rare occasion I receive an inquiry from a woman, I am thrilled to make her acquaintance.

Do you see couples?

Sure thing– I love an extended date with an awesome couple. Please do send me an email! As for groups, no.

How do you prefer to communicate?
After we breeze through screening and have our date on the calendar, we can be in touch by text message for any immediate or necessary logistics. I only arrange phone calls to discuss travel plans.
This is my first time. . . I’m nervous!

This is a reverse question: When was the last time you did something wild and exhilarating? Why live with regret? Just send me an email. You got dis!

Will your outfit draw attention in public?

While I have zero control over society’s standard of what draws attention, I tend toward a hip and modest aesthetic. I have a fun collection of long coats and other outerwear specifically for urban safaris. You can let me know if the evening calls for a little leg.

What if there's no chemistry?
What if the world erupts into a fiery hell and all we have left is our basic human instincts to survive!? Take a breathe…our date will be stellar.
Does my age, weight or ethnicity matter to you?

My minimum age requirement is 21. Otherwise, come as you are! All that really matters to me are things like hygiene, punctuality, communication and respectfulness.

Will you visit my city?

Yes, I may! 2020 is decidedly my year of exploration. I will be announcing tour dates throughout the year and am generally available for Fly-Me-To-You’s. Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York and Seattle are always somewhere on my near or distant travel itinerary.