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  Tour Dates   

No tour dates planned right now. But check back soon! L.A., East Coast & New Orleans are on the horizon...

Where will we meet?

East Bay: Let me host our date at my private location in North Oakland located near I-580 and a brief walk from MacArthur BART station.

Your Place: Hotels and Residences throughout the Bay Area are fine by me! San Francisco, Marin, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, San Jose, etc.

San Francisco: I’m happy to arrange a discrete meeting location for us in SOMA, Union Square, Financial District, Nob Hill, etc.

Out on The Town: Let’s go out for lunch, dinner or a show. I’m poised for public outings!

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Rates: San Francisco Bay Area

  • Additional 100 for outcalls beyond Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and Emeryville. 
  • new friends rate // returning friends rate*

♥ An Hour -- 600 // 500


♥ Ninety Minutes -- 850 // 750


♥ Two Hours -- 1100 // 1000


♥ Three Hours -- 1500
Some time out and about for cocktails or dining, plus extended bliss. 


♥ Four Hour Dinner Date -- 2000
Appetizers begin in the afternoon followed by desert into the evening.


♥ Five Star Evening -- 4000
A dinner or special event pairs perfectly with an all-night-long snuggle fest.


  • Travel-ready, worldwide, with advance booking and travel deposit.
  • I enjoy the sweet touch of women as well. Available to men, women and couples.
  • I have many awesome girlfriends who may join us for an extra special tryst at the greatest rate x2.
  • Depending on requested duration, accommodation costs, etc. I may request a deposit before our date.


This is how I keep myself and others safe. Period. I encourage other providers to be as diligent as I am with screening. Thank you for respecting my safety practices.


Your privacy and safety are important to me!


You may send links to the ads of or contact information for the 2 (or more) providers you’ve seen most recently. These providers must be verified as sure and legitimate companions. Remember to share with me information they’ll need to remember you by.


Verification site ID(s)
You can share your P411, Date-check or TER ID. You must have OKs, recommendations or be whitelisted, respectively. I will contact the providers listed on these sites. If you use RS2K, I’m sorry but I do not have access to that system.


Academic and/or Employment Verification
Please inquire about further instructions for this screening process.


If, for whatever reason, you cancel our appointment within 48 hours of our scheduled time, please consider compensating me to make sure I know you appreciate and acknowledge the time I set aside and spent preparing for our date. If you're feeling generous or you'd like to arrange for a gift before our meeting, I highly recommend checking out my Spoil Me page! I never expect gifts but I truly appreciate and adore the gesture. Thank you for being considerate!


Spoil Me

About Reviews

If you are going to submit a review of our time together on The Erotic Review, make sure to read all of their Submission Guidelines thoroughly. TER has a reputation for being very particular, sometimes finicky, about what they choose to publish. Further, there's no rule that says you can't run your review past me before you submit it. My favorite kind of review is an accurate one. Especially if it's your first time reviewing and you're concerned how I might feel about it or you're unsure if it will get published, feel free to send it my way and we'll make it sure it gets online.
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