Find me in Mexico City: October 20th - December 7th!

Booking & Availability

🌎 My home base is Oakland, California & the greater Bay Area

🔮 Tour dates announced here, on my Twitter & on my calendar

đź’Ś Contact me directly for booking: [email protected]

Tour Dates

November 23rd only! Miami

– otherwise –

October 20th – December 5th: Mexico City

December 15th: Back in the SF Bay Area

Meet Claire Gold

♥ One Hour  600
A brief tour de Gold.
♥ Ninety Minutes  850
The perfect first date duration.
♥ Two Hours  1100
Let me pamper you.
♥ Three Hours  1500
Some time out and about for cocktails or dining, plus extended bliss.

♥ Up to Five Hours  2000
This is a dining date! Take me to your favorite steakhouse or brunch spot. Then let’s get a room. 

♥ Gold Star Evening  3500
A dinner or special event pairs perfectly with an all-night-long snuggle fest.
♥ Gold Leaf Escape  6000
Let’s getaway and leave it all behind for two romantic days and two satiating nights. 

Fly me to you!

This package applies to all cities, worldwide!
♥ A Day & a Night  4500 + travel cost.
♥ Two Days, Two Nights  8000 + travel cost.

While my life is fairly routined and grounded, I live for occasional indulgence and spontaneity.  That’s why I’m introducing this “FMTY” package. Here’s our sure-fire checklist of all things necessary to book the perfect getaway:

  • Send travel deposit (travel cost + 500) and itenerary.
  • I need five days or more notice for preparations.
  • I will arrange my own air travel.
  • You must be fully committed and truly determined to achieve an unforgettable adventure.


    This is how I keep myself and others safe. Period. I encourage other providers to be as diligent as I am with screening. Thank you for respecting my safety practices. 

    You may send links to the ads of, or contact information for, the 2 (or more) providers you’ve seen most recently. Remember to share with me any information they’ll need to remember you by.

    Professional Verification
    If you do not have references, please request instructions for this discreet, alternative screening method. 

    Where Will We Meet? (SF Bay Area)

    Your Place
    Invite me to your hotel or residence throughout the Bay Area! San Francisco, Marin, San Jose, etc. Travel fee may apply. 

    My Place
    Let me host our date at my super cool and comfy location in North Oakland located near I-580 and a brief walk from MacArthur BART station.

    San Francisco
    By request, I may arrange a location for us to meet in San Francisco. 

    Out on The Town
    Let’s go out for lunch, dinner or a show. I’m poised for public outings!


    If you cancel our appointment within 48 hours of our scheduled time, or if you repeatedly request rescheduling our session, please acknowledge the time I set aside and spent preparing for our date by providing a cancelation fee.

    If you’re feeling generous or you’d like to arrange for a gift before our date, check out my Spoil Me page! I never expect gifts but I truly adore the gesture.

    Thank you for being an awesome client!