Covid-19 Update

Because of shelter-in-place orders during the pandemic, I am not available for in-person dates or massage sessions at this time.

In the whirlwind of it all, I find solace in looking forward to our reunion. After so much time alone, may we have an electric and stellar connection.

Check out my messaging & phone dates, framed polaroids and custom kickboxing video! 

Date-planning, gifts and deposits for future dates also welcomed.

Let us do what we can to stay happy and healthy!

Claire Gold


Dates – San Francisco Bay Area

Invite me to a destination, restaurant, hotel or residence. Consider the “Escape in San Francisco” date option if you would like me to arrange our location.

Massage – Oakland

Visit me at my cozy North Oakland oasis. Check out my “Sensual Massage” date option.

Traveling – Other Cities

When traveling (a.k.a. touring), invite me to you or find me at an awesome boutique hotel where I can totally host our date.

One hour
Two hours
Lunch or dinner date

~3 hours

Longer lunch or dinner date

~5 hours

Solid Gold Evening

~7 hours

The evening & until breakfast

~12 hours

A full day & night

~24 hours

Longer Dates

Upcoming Travel


New York

Curated Date Options

Escape in San Francisco
I’ll arrange our location

Of course you’re a gentleman. But maybe your schedule is too hectic or perhaps you need to stay super under the radar. Let me arrange our location, subtle or opulent. Cost of location is separate and sent to me upon confirming the date details.

Up to two hours  2,000
Up to four hours  3,300
Up to six hours  4,500
The evening & until breakfast  6,000

Shopping Date
Let’s do some damage

Lunch at noon followed by our favorite designer boutiques. Typically a full afternoon.

Minimum spending budget: $8k.
Hanky panky: no limits.

Sensual Massage
certified massage therapist

I have many thoughts on the power of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point therapies. Therapeutic and intimate touch are a medicine and language I feel at home with. Visit me at my cozy North Oakland location for true rest and relaxation. 

One hour  700
Ninety minutes  1,000

Fly me to you
Invite me to your city

For this “FMTY” we’ll first have a brief phone date to check the vibes. Airfare is separate from the listed rate and sent to me upon confirming the date details.

A half day  5,000
About one day  8,000
About two days  13,000
How about three   17,000

Gold Standards


All first dates require a small deposit. Don’t be scared! There are multiple super discreet methods available to satisfy a deposit. For example, simply purchase a gift card of my choosing at a drug store and send me a picture of the redemption code. 



For screening, I will need 1.) At least one reference from a reputable provider (my discretion), or 2.) For you to ask about my prudent and professional screening method. 



I do require a small deposit for all first dates but I do not have a specific or strict cancelation policy. Life happens! If you need to cancel our date or repeatedly request rescheduling, I hope you are the type of person who can intuit that I should somehow be gifted for my time. If you are not one of these people, we were probably not a good match to begin with.