Regarding Covid-19

Updated September 3rd, 2020
Pop the champagne...
I am cautiously accepting bookings! I will have a ten day quarantine and CV testing between dates. We can meet at my squeaky clean location in SF or at your place. At long last--let's connect! + Subscribe to my OnlyFans.

Go for Gold!

The Bay Area’s gal-pal

Specializing in health & happiness.

The future/present is bizarre and quite scary at times. I may not be an optimist but I am down right determined to procure a feast during famine. Indulge with me! Accolades include, but not limited to: Certified Massage Therapist, martial arts practitioner, nature enthusiast and world traveler. Read more about me…

Date Details

My home base is San Francisco, Oakland and the greater Bay Area. I lead a full and scheduled life here. But my wanderlust will see to it that I have many destinations on my travel list.

Girlfriend Dates – San Francisco Bay Area

Invite me to a destination, restaurant, hotel or residence. Otherwise, plan on visiting me at my San Francisco (Nob Hill) location.

Massage Sessions – SF or Emeryville

I have many thoughts on the power of therapeutic and intimate touch. They are a medicine and language I feel at home with.

Social Dates

Kick back with the coolest Bay Area woman over a casual lunch or out at a fun event like a gallery opening or concert!


Things I Like

Sweet Somethings

Mountain Rose Herbs
Origins Skincare
+ of course, anything from my Amazon Wishlist.

Dress: 2-4, small
Pant: 27
Bra: 32 D
Panty: small
Shoe: 8, 38

Spirits & Hooch
Rosé, aromatic Gins, Mezcal or tasty herbal liqueurs.

Love Letters

Words of praise from some of my girlfriends. Click through to visit her website.

Claire is a gorgeous, savvy and intelligent woman. She is truly the “gold standard” as her name suggests. I watch in awe as she melts the hearts of lovers and friends. I believe she has a special calling for the entrepreneurial minds of the Bay Area. She is the epitome of SF: both freshly modern and a classic beauty; the perfect pairing to all the sleek spots she’ll take you to.”

-Jette Rivette

Claire is a classic beauty with an air of the sea and the mountains. I can see her on the cover of a travel magazine, on the deck of a sailboat, the wind blowing through her hair. She’s brilliant, athletic and so very kind. I’m so grateful to know her and you will feel the same. Enjoy this beauty as soon as you are able!”

- Sophia Amelia

“If our world were the Olympics, Claire would be a gold medalist. Our conversations are earth shattering and our adventures, unforgettable. She’s the perfect travel partner, a dustbowl-era folk song remixed for an NYC rooftop party. In any setting she’s cool as a cucumber, curious as a cat and confident as the wind blows.”

-Marina Estrela

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