Updated March 20th, 2021
I am almost fully vaccinated! Beginning May 1st, I will return to a sort of normal booking schedule. My Durham location will be deep cleaned between visits and I will continue occassional covid testing. Let's plan!
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+ NEW YORK: May 21st - 24th

Claire Gold

Based in Durham-Raleigh. Specializing in health and happiness.


Hello—I’m Claire Gold. I recently relocated to Durham from the SF Bay Area. In my early thirties, you will find me beaming with passions from the life I have lived fully thus far. While my positive energy and self-awareness are the first things you will notice, my sweet and sensual nature is restless and simmering, discoverable just under the surface.

I became a Certified Massage Therapist in 2017. Since then, the pleasure and care I take in my work have deepened immensely. I have many thoughts on the power of therapeutic and intimate touch. They are a medicine and language I feel at home with.

I thrive among new friends, and ground myself in the enlightenment of these lasting connections. It is this attitude toward people which has brought me to the company of unique, genius and startlingly gorgeous humans. I adore nerds, creative types and rebels alike.

“Follow your heart!” they say. A motto to live by, and the reason I travel often. When I’m not at home focusing on my career goals, I’m working my way through my adventure list. I am as enthusiastic about discovering new corners of a city as I am hiking the mountains.

On my search for others who embrace my authentic self, I maintain that punctuality is totally underrated. I live my best life, thrive, and am a dependable friend all at once.

I invite you to visit Durham or Raleigh. I may be new to the area but I have kept track of recommendations for all the fun and hidden gems. Let’s discover.

I offer Girlfriend Dates and will return to offering Sensual Massage Sessions soon. See my Booking page and email me directly to plan our connection.

Things I like


Flowers and plants bring a delightful brightness to any space. My favorite flowers are freshly cut Ranunculus. And my favorite plant family is succulents, second only to Philodendrons.


While I’m not the loudest fashionista, I do appreciate quality and some luxury. Some of my favorite fragrances are floral and spicy, like Moschino’s TOY 2. And I enjoy giftcards for high quality goods from ELSE Lingerie, Levis, or Theory. And, of course, anything from my Amzn Wishlist.


Dress:  4, small
Pant:  27
Bra:  32D
Panty:  small
Shoe:  8


Claire is a classic beauty with an air of the sea and the mountains. I can see her on the cover of a travel magazine, on the deck of a sailboat, the wind blowing through her hair. She’s brilliant, athletic and so very kind. I’m so grateful to know her and you will feel the same. Enjoy this beauty as soon as you are able!”

- Sophia Amelia

Claire is a gorgeous, savvy and intelligent woman. She is truly the “gold standard” as her name suggests. I watch in awe as she melts the hearts of lovers and friends. I believe she has a special calling for the entrepreneurial minds of the Bay Area. She is the epitome of SF: both freshly modern and a classic beauty; the perfect pairing to all the sleek spots she’ll take you to.”

-Jette Rivette

“If our world were the Olympics, Claire would be a gold medalist. Our conversations are earth shattering and our adventures, unforgettable. She’s the perfect travel partner, a dustbowl-era folk song remixed for an NYC rooftop party. In any setting she’s cool as a cucumber, curious as a cat and confident as the wind blows.”

-Marina Estrela

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