Updated December 6, 2021
Now through January I will be home based. If you are visiting or live in the Raleigh, Durham or Greensboro areas, get in touch to pre-book. Let's celebrate Winter together! I am vaccinated, regularly testing and available to vaccinated friends only at this time. See my Christmas wishlist below!
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Claire Gold

Based in Durham-Raleigh. Specializing in health and happiness.


Hello—I’m Claire Gold. In my early thirties, you will find me beaming with passions from the life I have lived fully thus far. While my positive energy and self-awareness are the first things you will notice, my sweet and sensual nature is restless and simmering, discoverable just under the surface.

I became a Certified Massage Therapist in 2017. Since then, the pleasure and care I take in my work have deepened immensely. I have many thoughts on the power of therapeutic and intimate touch. They are a medicine and language I feel at home with.

I thrive among new friends, and ground myself in the enlightenment of these lasting connections. It is this attitude toward people which has brought me to the company of unique, genius and startlingly gorgeous humans. I adore nerds, creative types and rebels alike.

“Follow your heart!” they say. A motto to live by, and the reason I travel often. When I’m not at home focusing on my career goals, I’m working my way through my adventure list. I am as enthusiastic about discovering new corners of a city as I am hiking the mountains.

On my search for others who embrace my authentic self, I maintain that punctuality is totally underrated. I live my best life, thrive, and am a dependable friend, all at once.

I invite you to visit Durham or Raleigh. I may be new to the area but I have a long list of all the iconic and hidden gems. Let’s discover.

I offer Girlfriend Dates and will return to offering Sensual Massage Sessions soon. See my Booking page and email me directly to plan our connection.

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