Updated July 25, 2021
Fully vaccinated and happily available throughout the Durham/Raleigh area. August is my birthday month!
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Durham/Raleigh Rates

Visit me at my private Durham hideaway or invite me to your hotel or residence. I am available for travel to Raleigh, Charlotte, Asheville and more.

One hour 700
Ninety minutes 850
Two hours 1000
Three hours 1400 – Lunch or dinner date
Five hours 2100 – Longer lunch or dinner date
Seven hours 2800 – Solid gold evening
Twelve hours 3600 – The evening and until breakfast
Twenty-four hours 4200 – A full day and night
Longer dates TBD

Travel fee required for locations more than 30 miles from Durham.

Touring Rates

I love to travel! You may find me in Atlanta, DC, NYC, SF and more. When touring, I always book high end locations and opt for larger suits over standard rooms.

One hour 800
Ninety minutes 1100
Two hours 1400
Three hours 1900 – Lunch or dinner date
Five hours 2500 – Longer lunch or dinner date
Seven hours 3200 – Solid gold evening
Twelve hours 4000 – The evening and until breakfast
Twenty-four hours 4800 – A full day and night
Longer dates TBD

Outcall travel fee applied at my discretion.

Fly Me To You

Half day 5000 (east coast only)
About one day 7000
About two days 12000

How about three 16000

All expenses paid by you. First class airfare preferred. 3 hours of alone time each full day. 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Ideally, our location would have a gym.

Social Dates

Do you crave connection but are not yet ready for physical contact? I have had the pleasure of many “distance-dates” since the pandemic began. I know first hand how many lovely, low-risk date options are available to those who seek it in these times. Social dates are 400 for the first hour and 300 for every hour thereafter.

Video Dates

The only platform I will use for video dates is this lovely new site Pick a style and duration, then we can start planning our first session.

Happy Hour Dates:
Conversation and flirtation

30 minutes  200
45 minutes  250
One hour  300

Playtime Dates:
Let’s get naughty

30 minutes  300
45 minutes  350
One hour  400


Email me directly for booking

[email protected]

Gold Standards


This is how I keep myself and others safe. Period. For screening, I will need 1.) At least one reference from a reputable provider (my discretion), or 2.) For you to ask about my prudent, professional screening method.


All first meetings require a small deposit. Don’t be scared! There are multiple super discreet methods available to satisfy a deposit. For example, simply purchase a gift card at a drug store and send me a picture of the redemption code.  


I do require a small deposit for all first dates but I do not have a specific or strict cancellation policy. Life happens! If you need to cancel our date or repeatedly request rescheduling, I hope you are the type of person who will intuit I should somehow be gifted for the time I set aside and spent preparing for our date. If you are not one of these people, we were probably not a good match to begin with.


I ask that my clients do not leave reviews because I do not appreciate vulgar and sometimes inaccurate descriptions of private moments shared. That being said, I know reviews are often used to simply verify the legitimacy of a provider. You can read my few glowing reviews here. You can also review my old Twitter account with 13.5k+ followers (est. 2015) here.

My Durham Hideaway

My location is tucked away in a safe and friendly neighborhood, just a stones throw from downtown Durham. Inside you will find a space curated with care; fluffy towels and linens, high quality furniture and leafy plants adorn throughout.

There is nothing awkward or distracting about finding my location. My directions are as clear as the space is accessible, warm and welcoming.

Although I welcome those with disabilities, I’m sad to say my place is not wheelchair accessible. 

Whether you are local to the triangle or making a trip out of it, you will find solace and refuge here with me.

If you would like me to prepare something sweet, like your favorite cocktail or a yummy charceuterie plate, send a $100 Whole Foods Market gift card prior to our date.

Email me directly for booking

[email protected]