Updated March 22, 2023
Books are open for April and May! I am available throughout the greater Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill-Greensboro areas.

  • Upcoming tour dates:  Los Angeles April 7-10  |  San Francisco April 19-24
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Local Rates

Based in Durham and available throught the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill-Greensboro areas. Host us at your location (outcall) for the rates below. If needed, I can arrange our place (incall) for rate + 300.

Ninety minutes, fleeting  – 1000

Two hour encounter – 1200

Lunch or dinner date, about three hours – 1600

Longer lunch or dinner date, up to four hours – 2000

Solid gold evening, up to six hours – 2800

Tour Rates

I love to travel! You may find me in Atlanta, DC, NYC, SF and more. When touring, I always book high end locations and opt for larger suites. You may also invite me to your location.

One hour, a sweet intro – 1000

Ninety minutes, fleeting  – 1200

Two hour encounter – 1400

Lunch or dinner date, about three hours – 1800

Longer lunch or dinner date, up to four hours – 2200

Solid gold evening, up to six hours – 2800

Fly/Drive me to you

A day – 7000

About two days – 12000

How about three – 16000

+ business class/first class airfare or hourly drive rate (up to 6 hrs round trip driving time)

Tour Dates

Los Angeles:  April 7 – 10

San Francisco:  April 19 – 24


This is how I keep myself and others safe. Period. For screening, I will need at least one reference from a reputable provider (my discretion), or for you to ask about my prudent, professional screening method.


All first meetings require a deposit. Don’t be nervous. There are multiple, super discreet methods available to satisfy a deposit.


I do not have a strict cancellation policy. Life happens! If you need to cancel or repeatedly request rescheduling, I hope you are the kind of person who feels inclined to gift me for the time I invested corresponding and preparing for our date. If you are not one of these people, we were probably not a good match to begin with.


After over 7 years of experience, I ask my clients to not publish vulgar or inaccurate reviews of private moments shared. I find "review culture" to foster and promote a harmful power imbalance for providers who already exist in a socially precarious position.

Email me for booking

[email protected]