Updated July 30, 2022
Now pre-booking for September & October. Get in touch to plan our Fall date! For casual or lavish excursions, see my list of Durham date ideas. I am thrice vaxed, regularly testing and available to vaccinated friends only at this time.
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Local Rates

Social Dates

For locals and visitors who crave an out-in-the-world connection. Social dates are 400 for the first hour and 300 for every hour thereafter. Up to four hours.


Host us at your location for the rates below. If needed, I can arrange our place for rate, cost of location & concierge fee.

Ninety minutes   1000
Two hours   1200
Three hours   1600 – Lunch or dinner date
Four hours   2000 – Longer lunch or dinner date
Six hours   2800 – Solid gold evening
Sleepover   3600 – The evening and until breakfast
Full day & night   5000
Longer dates   TBD

+ travel fee for locations more than 30 miles from Durham.

Travel Rates

Touring U.S. Cities

I love to travel! You may find me in Atlanta, DC, NYC, SF and more. When touring, I always book high end locations and opt for larger suits over standard rooms. You may also invite me to your location.

One hour   1000
Ninety minutes   1250
Two hours   1500
Three hours   2000 – Lunch or dinner date
Five hours   2400 – Longer lunch or dinner date
Six hours   2800 – Solid gold evening
Sleepover   3600 – The evening and until breakfast
Full day & night   5000
Longer dates TBD

Fly Me To You

Half day   5000
Full day   7000
About two days   12000

How about three   16000

+ business class or first class airfare.

Tour Dates

No Tours planned at the moment!

Gold Standards


This is how I keep myself and others safe. Period. For screening, I will need at least one reference from a reputable provider (my discretion), or for you to ask about my prudent, professional screening method.


All first meetings require a deposit. Don’t be nervous. There are multiple, super discreet methods available to satisfy a deposit.


I do not have a strict cancellation policy. Life happens! If you need to cancel or repeatedly request rescheduling, I hope you are the kind of person who feels inclined to gift me for the time I invested corresponding and preparing for our date. If you are not one of these people, we were probably not a good match to begin with.


After over 7 years of experience, I ask my clients to not publish vulgar or inaccurate reviews of private moments shared. I find "review culture" to foster and promote a harmful power imbalance for providers who already exist in a socially precarious position.

Email me for booking

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